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Hey there! I'm Koby, I'll be teaching and guiding you through The Feldenkrais Method. Personally, this method completely removed my shoulder and lower back pain.
Koby Firhi Feldenkrais
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My love story with feldenkrais*

*The Feldenkrais Method, not Moshe Feldenkrais
I must confess that it was not ✨ love at first sight! ✨ The Feldenkrais Method is a system of many layers. As you deepen your understanding you find out more about the complex connection between the body and the mind. My studies introduced me to a new way of thinking. As time went by, I learned how to focus my attention inwards and outwards during the lessons, being able to give my attention to different parts of the body; muscles, joints and skeleton, their movement and their perception in my mind. In class I was slowly able to reconnect all of these components and reform my mind-body awareness 


The lessons made me relax, and in that relaxation, I was able to focus and be mindful of my movement.


After the lessons I felt grounded and stable with enough energy to last the week. Now, if I don’t practice, I feel that I miss it.


I feel that this method keeps me young by supporting my good posture and flexibility.

I believe this method is worth sharing with the world, starting with you

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