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Feldenkrais Treatment Amsterdam
I'm Jackob Firhi, a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner from Instituto Feldenkrais in Barcelona. My work is based on Dr. Feldenkrais' original Amherst Functional Integration lessons. I have also taken part in Ruth Bar’s workshops in Israel. I now lives in Amsterdam with his wife and three kids. My journey began from my personal experience. For a very long time I had suffered from shoulder pain and low back pain and although I tried many methods to treat my pain, I found no relief. My sister, who is herself a Feldenkrais practitioner, introduced me this exceptional method where you learn through experience about your body’s habits and get a window of opportunity to enhance the mind and body connection. The improvement was felt after a few lessons that were combined with short home-practices. My primary goal was to stop the pain and refrain from using painkillers. Through the lessons I felt my posture slowly improving and my body’s flexibility increasing. I reached my goal, my back and shoulder pain were completely gone and practicing the Feldenkrais method prevented my pain from coming back. As my condition improved, I became fascinated with this method and began a journey in to the mind and body connection through studying to become a Feldenkrais teacher in Amsterdam.


Happy to hear you are interested in learning more and booking your Feldenkrais lesson.
Leave me a message and I'll get back to you. Feel free to also call +31634194004 or email koby@powerofmovement.net
40 euros per session

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Kobi Firhi Feldenkrais
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